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On this page you can find important information about the use of the product. However, for more information read the user manual that comes in your box. Here we are answering the most frequently asked questions.

If you have come up to here without having downloaded the APP, now you can do it here.


To synchronize your smartphone with Bai.k you will need to download the Baik APP from the Android or IOS stores and use the code and password that appear on the green label that you will find into your box. The system has a default configuration that we recommend to adapt to your circumstances (language, notifications, sensitivity level, etc.) In addition, the system's algorithm is designed to collect the parameters of the bicycle once placed on it, so that manual use can generate fall alerts that will not occur once installed on the bike.

3. SIM

As you know, since you're here, Bai.k comes with its notification system (SIM) turned off so you can decide when to activate it. From that moment you will have all its functionalities. The SIM card during the first year will not incur any cost for you, and at the beginning of the next year we will notify it to you so that, if you wish, you can renew the service and maintain all the functionalities. The annual cost will be €24 (€2/month).


Before setting up Bai.k with your phone, charge it for at least two hours with the cable or three hours with the power bank. If you do it with the power bank, first make sure that it is charged (the lights indicate the charge level of the charger). The system is designed to be as efficient as possible with respect to battery consumption; however, we recommend that you always keep it as fully charged as possible so that in the event of having to start its functions (theft, positioning and fall) it lasts as long as possible.


Alert calls made by the Bai.k server come from the number +1 804-885-9070. Please keep this in mind for both you and the person authorized to receive fall alerts. You can enter this number in your contact list with the name of Bai.k so that when the system calls you, it automatically recognizes the call. So it can do it the person you have decided to notify in the event of a fall. Warning times depend both on Bai.k's coverage and on the mobiles that are to receive the warnings. Under normal conditions, the theft warning will be made in a maximum of 40 seconds from the movement and the fall alert in a minute from the moment you fall. If you move the bike before this minute, the fall protocole will be cancelled.


You can see your bike's track at https://baik.azurewebsites.net. To enter this website you will need the email address and password that you used to configure your Bai.k. The person authorized to receive fall notifications will automatically receive your position when it occurs, but you can also allow his/her the access to this track so that they know where you are at any time.


The system incorporates a last genertion GPS module to try to achieve the maximum possible reliability of positioning. The system is designed to save battery power, so it only sends positioning when it is real and effective. Actual GPS positioning depends on many parameters (satellite availability, tall buildings, speed of movement, etc.), so sending the first effective positioning can take between 2 and 8 minutes. Once this first positioning has been sent, the system will send another one every two minutes. If the stolen bike stops moving, the system will turn off after five minutes and turn back on when the bike starts moving.


We are concerned about the environment and we would like to think that we are doing something to protect it. In this sense, when the charging cycles of your battery run downs, we might want to sell you another Bai.k, but we prefer to change the battery and generate as little waste as possible. Thus, when you think that your battery is no longer sufficient to offer a quality service, you can contact us at the technical assistance service on our website and ask us to change the battery. We will make you the tightest budget possible so that it is very worthwhile to continue with your Bai.k.


Bai.k is designed to resist inclement weather (heat, cold, rain, etc.) including humidity, so it does not cause too many maintenance problems. Although this is so, Bai.k is unprepared for being submerged in water for several seconds. If you are going to clean your bike with a hose and pressurized water, we recommend not pointing directly at Bai.k with maximum pressure to avoid possible damage. In the case of having a cloth, it is recommended to clean Bai.k with it and, if necessary, dry the excess moisture. In any case, if your Bai.k stops working after cleaning, please do not put it on charge and contact us.

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