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We would rather you didn't have to know its functionalities, but if it happens, you will understand its value.

Designed to protect

Bai.k has been designed to protect your life and your bike, and this is the reason why we would like that you would never know its capabilities. But we know that things

Just when you need it the most

As the Airbag of a car that you discover as you need it the most, Bai.k acts just at the key moment. Till then, you will hardly realise you have it, but it is in these serious times when we find out how important is the technology to protect properties or life.

Light, reliable, smart ...

Bai.k is designed for the most demanding cyclists in terms of size, weight and functionality. Thus, Ba.ik is the size of a normal bottle cage, except that it incorporates a powerful electronic heart.

Difficult to detect, it is a product that wants to give you peace of mind in the most unexpected moments. When you don’t expect what can happen is when Bai.k acts …

You will know it before happening

You will never be alone




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