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With Bai.k you will find peace of mind when it comes to protecting your bike or your life. From now on nothing will be the same: motion alarm, geolocation, and fall warning at an incredible price.

Bai.k is a product designed to give you freedom in every way and, therefore, we do not want you to feel tied to a periodic payment of fees for the services offered. Thus, from the moment you buy Bai.k, you acquire forever all the services that the product offers.

However, Bai.k incorporates a SIM card whose conditions appear below.

Bai.k  uses a data card and the cost of it the first year is assumed in the sale price of the product. Mundo Pirulina does not apply profit margins to the service of the SIM provider. That is, we do not earn money with the SIM card.

From the second year on, this cost will be paid by the user at the the beginning of the year (€ 20); just over 1,5 euro per month!!.

This price is only possible because to the contracted system whose data is supportive among the thousands of SIM cards we buy. That is, what no other spends, you take advantage of.

Bai.k is a product that uses a battery and, therefore, it must be recharged at some point.

The product has been designed to be extremely efficient and, so, on the “anti-theft” mode has an estimated duration of one month. In a combined mode (riding-antitheft), the duration depends on the mode of use (autonomous, synced with the smartphon, hours of use in fall-mode, etc.)

In any case, at some point you will have to recharge the battery.

Mundo pirulina SL want to be a company concerned about the environment and this is the reason why when the  battery drain itself you will not have to throw away the device, but we will change the battery to you

Bai.k has been designed to become an accessory of the bicycle and it is installed in the moorings of the bottle holder. The mooring is made with two security screws so it will be very difficult to remove it without raising your alarm.

Do not forget that within Bai.k you have a bluetooth module, a microprocessor, a gyroscope, a 1200mah battery and a GPS module, so we will never be as fine as a normal bottle holder.

Of course, a normal bottle holder will never protect you like we do.

Bai.k synchronizes with the mobile via bluetooth and to do that, it will ask you for the serial number. Without it you will not be able to connect (neither you nor a potential thief).

However, once activated the first time, the system works both synchronously with your mobile and autonomously, so if you go out without a mobile do not worry, the system will work equally.

Bai.k detects the slight movement on your bike and alerts you wherever you are. If you can not turn off the alarm (with the app) it will mean that you are not in the bluetooth range of the device and it will activate its GPS, which will send you positioning information every 2 minutes (in the intermediate periods Bai.k will fall asleep to save battery). if after two minutes you do not receive the positioning, don’t worry, it means that Bai.k have not found GPS signal and it has gone to sleep. It will try it again two minutes later.

You can connect the anti-theft mode for yourself, but if you forget it, do not worry, since Bai.k will enter that mode if after some minutes it does not detect movement.

Once you activate the biking mode the system will detect any possible fall and will ask you if you are well. If you do not answer by deactivating the system, it will notify to a third party by sending him/her your GPS positioning and making him/her a call to report about your situation.

If you do not have the mobile phone at hand and you cannot activate the riding mode, the movement of the bike will mean that a theft has occurred and will send the periodic alerts to your mobile. However, if it detects a fall, it will activate the alert and will notify a third party.

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