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Anti-theft by movement

You will know it wherever you are

Bai.k is a smart system that wants to avoid thefts before they happen, when you still can react. So, any movement of the bike not produced by you will activate the warning protocol. When the bike moves, Bai.k will try to connect with your smartphone through the bluetooth tecnology and if it doesn’t get it, it will mean that you are not next to the bike, so it will activate the warning protocol. At this time, you will receive a phone call wherever you are to be reported about this situation and the GPS will be activated also.


Accuracy when you need it

Bai.k has two basic functions where it’s geolocation system is very important: when your bike is stolen and when you fall. In these moments, it can not fail. Whith the precision that modern GPSs offer, Bai.k will locate, you and your your bike, in the exact place, and it will send this localisation to your application in case of theft or to the people who has been authorised by you in case of fall. And if, for whatever reason, it finds no GPS sign, it will triangule GSM anntenas to offer the most accurate as possible. 

Fall warning

Bai.k will never let you alone

Bai.k has its own fall-agorithm that takes into account different parameters to avoid false alarms. When it is in biking-mode and you fall, the system interacts with you to know whether you are fine. That is, when you fall it will  tray to contact with you to know how you are. If you respond, the system will deactivate itself. If you don’t respond Bai.kwill call to  the authorised person to inform about de possible fall and send him/her your localisationg data.


  • It works linked to the mobile and autonomously as well. It performs the same functions in any of the both situations.
  • Mobile application Android- IOS
  • Theft alert as result of the bicycle movement. The alert is made by phone call wherever you are. Three levels for the modulation of the movement measuring sensitivity.
  • Geopositioning in case of theft (GPS and GSM triangulation). Efficient positioning sending protocol to guarantee battery durability
  • Anti-theft mode activation automatically when the bike stops for three minutes.
  • Fall detection and identification of the user’s situation by calling him/her.
  • Fall alert to a third person thrught a call and SMS with positioning.
  • Cancellation of the alarm to third parties if the user interacts with Bai.k through the application.
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