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Bai.k’s functionalities


Informative screen

Screen to identify the code of your Bai.k, to see if the mobile is connected to the hardware, the battery level, if the bike is moving or not and if it is charging.


If you slide switch to the right the padlock mode is activated. If you disconnect the APP from Bai.k without having put the padlock mode, it will do it by himself after 5 minutes without movement.

I have lost my Bai.k

If your bike is stolen while you are using it in "riding" mode, you can activate remotely the "padlock mode" so that the system turns on its GPS and sends you positioning notifications.

Fall notification

If you want the system to notify your falls to the people entered in the system, move the switch to the right.

** Movement notifications

With the function activated it notifies you of any movement while you are connected. **WE RECOMMEND turning this option off so you don't receive continous notifications.

Low Battery

When this mode is activated, the system will notify you when you only have 10% left. This notice is sent via bluetooth so you will have to be connected to your Bai.k.

Sleep Mode***

If you want to move your bike by car or other means and you don't want it to send warnings, activate the sleep mode. ***Remember that if you bike is lstolen with this mode activated, the system will not send you bike's positioning.

Emergency contacts

When you configure your app here you can enter the contacts for emergency notification. If you fall this people will receive a warning call and your position via email.


The system has three sensitivity levels, being 1 the most sensitive one and 3 the least one. It only sends a fall warnign when there is a complete stop, but it takes into account the sensitivity of the stop.

Last location

By clicking on the map logo you will see the last position of your bike at any time. Also, if it has been stolen you will receive a "push" notification every two minutes since the GPS signal is activated.


With the reset you will eliminate the configuration of your Bai.k, which we will ask you to do if we ask you to send it to us for the provision of a technical service.

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